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QANUC 800 back in business! October 19, 2017
  The QANUC 800 has been at field for a about 4 months now, the magnet drift and cryoshims are settling down, and the cryoprobe is running nicely.

The system is now Bruker. There is a vast library of of pulse sequences available. I've tried out some of the more common triple-resonance experiments, and welcome user samples for either these, or any other experiment.

Samples may be submitted in 5mm tubes (565 uL recommended volume) and 5mm Shigemi tubes (make sure the bottom of the tube has a beveled edge. Older 005B tubes may not be suitable). For lossy samples 3mm tubes (184 uL) or Bruker shaped (rectangular) tubes may be used. I currently have high-quality 5mm and Bruker Shigemi tubes for sale, and have placed an order for Bruker shaped tubes.

You can find us in the same location as before the shutdown... with a redesigned look to the building.

And a reminder that the QANUC 500 is still up and running with the INOVA console and the HCN RT probe.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding scheduling, pulse sequences, pricing etc.

Hope to see you soon,

For additional information please contact:

Tel (514) 398 1721