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August 2018 August 13, 2018
  As the next academic year approaches, the new 800 has passed its first birthday and is running beautifully. Shims are stable and drift < 1Hz/hr. Annual maintenance has been completed for the cryoplatform and air dryer. Despite the extended heat waves we have had this summer there have been no issues with the chilled water supply- and therefore no downtime on the cyroprobe. We are on a different system than in the past!

A wide variety of pulse sequences have now been tested out, and users are always welcome to install custom sequences if required. We have holders for 5mm, 3mm and shaped tubes. I have Bruker Shigemi tubes, shaped tubes and high quality 5mm tubes for sale if required.

The 500 MHz instrument is coming up to the 15-year mark, but shows no sign of aging! Booking by departmental users is now mostly via the FACES scheduling system, so the website schedule does not reflect the actual usage. For external users and longer time requests booking is through the QANUC website.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the instruments and potential projects,

For additional information please contact:

Tel (514) 398 1721