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August 2021 August 10, 2021
  Good news at QANUC!! We are now collecting and reliquefying helium from the 800 MHz NMR Magnet, as well as all the other NMR magnets located in the McGill Magnetic Resonance Facilities . This project was made possible by funding from the McGill Sustainability Project Fund, NSERC RTI, the Faculty of Science and Department of Chemistry. While the environment in the lab is somewhat louder, due to the recovery equipment being located in the room, there is no effect on the magnet stability.

In addition, a 24-place sample changer was purchased to facilitate access to the instrument during the more restricted stages of the pandemic. Many internal users were able to take advantage of new sample submission protocols, resulting in a greater number of samples being run while maintaining restricted access and social distancing. This facilitates screening experiments, stability studies, and submitting multiple samples at a time. Small molecule and protein experiments can be submitted automatically.

As always, advance booking is required to access the 800. Users can ship or drop off samples or request to collect their own data. Training can now be provided while adhering to current COVID-19 guidelines.

The QANUC 500 continues to function well and can be booked for long or short time periods.

Wishing everyone a safe and fun end to the summer.
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